Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkins and Art

An artist I am not. Just ask my mom! Everyday in 7th grade I'd come home crying because my art teacher was threatening my perfect GPA with a possible B. Well believe it or not, the Department Chair himself from the University of Maryland College of Art google-stalked ME!! He wanted to cast my pumpkin so he could sculpt it!

Through a weird twist of fate (the carver Scott Cully from Oregon couldn't come as planned because of a family death), John Ruppert was able to get his wish. He drove from Maryland with a flatbed truck, crane, and a LOT of plaster this weekend! Nick and I helped and he finished in a little over 16 straight hours (WOA I KNOW!). What an interesting guy.
I am very excited about all of this. This sort of imortalizes the pumpkin in a way I'd never had imagined. I can't wait to see how many replicas he makes and where they end up! He's got 17 replicas from a pumpkin he cast in 1995 all around the country.


Anonymous said...

that is beyond cool. I was watching a food network challenge the other day and they had pumpkin carving as the challenge. These people were amazing! Made me wonder who would carve yours in Time Square. What an honor for you and for the carver.

Down On The Farm said...

What a next experience. I knew nothing about gigantic pumpkins until I started reading your blogs. He should definitely give you a cast of the pumpkin for your front yard!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Yes, I saw John Ruppert's site and I understand that this guy is reeally interesting!!! Art of pumpkins is awesome!