Monday, June 1, 2009


Who doesn't love the Duggars, honestly? OK a lot of people think they are weird with their 18 kids, long hair, skirts, and uber-conservative values. But what is not to love? All the kids are BEAUTIFUL inside and out and healthy and it is just downright impressive what that family has done.

I'm reading their book right now and as fate would have it, I heard on the radio two weeks ago that they were coming to town! I just about flipped!! I was SO EXCITED!! I HAD TO GO!! Tonight I did and it was awesome. Mom went with me (reluctantly) and thought the program was "too churchy" but I thought it was just what it should be; I just wished the kids would have talked. They came out to smile and perform but never got the mic.

PS It was free to go to and all the money from the offering went to a children's home. The Duggars did not even accept reimbursement for travel. Wow.

PPS Josh and Anna were there and she was WAY more pregnant than I thought she'd be!

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Erika Jean said...

cool! I didn't like them at first - but they have kind of grown on me!