Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break

You know us, we don't do beaches for spring break!! No spring break isn't complete with out an adventure and this year the main memory was getting my car stuck in the mud, in the DARK, on a dirt road in rural PA. Luckily it stopped raining but it took about an hour for Nick to think his way out of that one (while I panicked).

We picked Ohiopyle because it was a sizable park in PA we had never been to with waterfalls and good views. The only downfall was it is 19,000 + acres and only had 2 geocaches within the park (what a waste of acreage LOL). But it was worth the trip. It is gorgeous there and I only wish we had our bikes with us because they've got one amazing bike trail !!

We got to hike on the Laurel Highlands Trail just outside the park limits (I guess it was in Backpacker Magazine even though I didn't remember that, Nick did) and it was neat. A "mini" Appalachian Trail I guess is how it is described. We found four caches each about a mile apart and as always we were in a race against daylight by that point and losing bad. It started raining and was getting pretty dark when we got back to the car. On they way back out of the one-lane dirt road, we slid off and into a reallllllly soft shoulder. I could barely open my door we were sunk in so bad (I would've gotten a pic but I was too panicky at that point haha). Here was the aftermath:

This was a SUPER COOL old mine we explored! We climbed up through an airshaft. It was one of the neatest things I had ever done.


Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Scary. When things are really bad pictures don't get taken, I've noticed.

How did you get out of the mud?? Did you have to push??

basebell6 said...

We used the jack that was in my trunk and got every big rock we could carry. We repeatively would shove rocks under the car and jack the car up higher until it was out of the mud. Then we layed the rocks out like a mini road leading out of the ditch. I was SOOOO happy he thought his way out of that mess. haha.