Sunday, April 12, 2009


I haven't talked much on this blog about geocaching. I have too many exciting weird hobbies in my life, seriously. This is just another!! It is kind of like a high tech treasure hunt and I LOVE IT!! I've met so many cool people and have gone so many awesome places because of it. Currently there are 770,759 caches around the world. I watch the number grow on the homepage daily. Yesterday I went caching with someone I only would have been able to meet b/c of caching, and you can see her blog here. We had lots of fun and no one got injured or bit by a snake so it was a good day. LOL.

My next post will be a wrap up of our spring break trip to Ohiopyle State Park in PA !! We had quite the adventure including getting my mustang stuck in the mud. :)
And in other news.....we are getting 50 chickens!!!!! EEK!!!


Erika Jean said...

Glad you got some caches today! It sure is an addicting hobby isn't it!?

Hope to see more geocaching posts!!

Theresa E. said...

50 chickens?! Haha...what for??

basebell6 said...

to eat of course :)


Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Have you ever had chickens before?

basebell6 said...

we've never had them before!! my next door neighbor has egg-layers and so have my grandparents / aunt / uncle in the past. but these are just to raise then eat. no eggs! nick's cousin had them last year and it worked out good i guess. this is totally nick's project! haha.