Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter is here and so is an OWL!

Winter came early this year!  We had several inches of snow one day but it hit mostly in the hours AFTER the superintendent decided school would be OPEN.  Ha.  We also had some bitter cold temps; enough to freeze the ice thick enough for a morning of ice fishing before mild temps returned to melt all the winter goodness.  

In other news, we used an icefishing cam to spy on a few owl boxes we had put up this summer.  SUCCESS!  So cute to see a sleeping owl in the 2nd one we checked.  SO CUTE! I hope it sticks around and has babies this spring. :)

Speaking of babies, it was our goal to have a summer 2015 baby but things aren't working out so far.  Cross fingers for fall 2015!


Caitlin said...

Don't know if you're already working this (or if there are other issues at play not to be blogged), but I found the info here really useful when we were ttc.

Good luck, and horray for the owl! (And thanks again for the flowersprouts!)

basebell6 said...

I think the main issue at play is stress and age. At 32, there is only a 20% of pregnancy each month and if you are stressed it can reduce it 12% more. Saying my day to day life is stressful is an understatement; my job involves kids yelling at me and chucking detentions in my face after I write them. There is no way we are missing ovulation but 8% odds each month is very slim. :/. Not to mention in October I had a 101 fever for a whole week with what I felt was strep throat. That didn't help the odds either. :(. I'm patient though; I just don't like the idea of being 9 months pregnant and having detentions chucked in my face. That is why I really wanted the summer baby.

Kate said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for you going forward - hoping for good news soon! ;0)

Cheyenne said...

I was thinking of you earlier this winter when I spied some snowy owls! I learned this year that the whiter they are, the older they are! My dad also told me that they come from up north during the winter...we are their 'beach' because it's too cold farther north. I don't know how that can be possible...haha! :)

Wishing you nothing but the best of luck with the timing of a new babe. It is all so out of our hands in a way, hey? It's tough.

Much love to you and best wishes for an exciting year ahead.