Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The lazy days have arrived!  Sleeping in until 9.  Swimming everyday.  Nothing on the schedule of any significance. Ahhhh, life is great!

Thanks for all the positive thoughts; all my tests came back FINE so I feel a lot more at ease about trying for another baby in the future without worrying something is wrong with my body.

I am training for a sprint triathlon in June that has a 750 meter swim [triple yikes].  I'm still trying to get my swim under control because the race I did last September was 250 meters so that is a big jump.

We are going to Seattle in July to visit my sister.  Blaine will be there for his 4th birthday so he is super pumped and talks about it a lot.  However, he is convinced he is 5 years old right now.  Ha.  We'll have his Ohio party when we get back.

P.S.  Sorry this blog has been so neglected!  My computer is on the fritz so I use the Ipad instead; posting from there is a pain so I just don't.    I still read all of your blogs but sometimes don't comment because the Ipad is always difficult and won't let me backspace when typing a comment and making an error.

Easter photo shoot by Mom-Mom!

37 peeps this year!

4 baby swans!


Kari said...

Hooray for SUMMER!! And look how big he's getting!! Time is flying by. Great to hear things are good for you!!

Kate said...

Glad to hear your tests came back with good news - enjoy your trip to WA (and if you drive you'd better stop here!!!).