Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mom Confessions: The Zoo

Seems like every time I go to the zoo it is packed with moms on mom dates.  Children galore.  Pure chaos.  Super super super hot and brutally sunny.  Not hard to guess my mommy confession:


If I never go to the zoo again, that would be too soon.   I seem to get roped into going once a year and each time say to myself, "never again".   However, based on the amount of people I know with zoo annual memberships and how much all moms rave about taking their kids to the zoo all the time, I think going to the zoo with my kid is something I'm supposed to love doing.   I don't.  I would rather go to a farm.  Heck since my family has a farm and multiple farms at that, I will just conclude by saying I'd rather just stay home.

Does that make me a bad mother?


Elizabeth said...

Ha! This made me laugh. I like the zoo, but it's always too hot to go. The thing in my city I HATE is Space Center/NASA. Ugh- no thanks! If this makes us bad moms, OH WELL!

Kalie said...

I always hated the zoo also. Then I realized we would always go to the Tucson Zoo in July with all my younger siblings & cousins in tow. Talk about too hot & sunny! We got lucky this year and went on not too hot or crowded days but I feel your pain!

Leslie said...

We go to the zoo maybe once a year because ours isn't all that close to our house and it's HUGE and requires a TON of walking (which means lugging around a couple of heavy kids). I don't like the zoo simply for the fact that I feel bad for the animals. I hate going to the park though and I'm sure that's pretty horrible. :)

Oh, and I would NEVER go to the zoo when it's crazy hot outside. That's insanity.

Laura-Jane said...

Lol - somehow, the way you wrote this, this is the cutest post ever.

You could never be a bad mother! The zoo is simply not for you. It's good to listen to your gut!

I just read a book that talked a lot about what we like.. and how we can't *choose* what we *like*. We can choose what we do, but not what we like to do. :)

I am really enjoying catching up on your blog!