Friday, May 25, 2012

Ears Ears Ears

This post is mainly about how I hate ear infections and how they have caused Blaine to forget about how he was almost potty trained.

Blaine got his set of first ear infections at 14 months.  As the ENT doc said, "HE MADE IT 14 MONTHS WITH NO  EAR INFECTIONS?! "   He got his second at approx 17 months and got his third in early April.  And his third never ever ever ever ever ever went away.   10 days oral antibiotics.   Still infected.   10 more days.  Still infected.  6 shots.  Still infected.  10 more days of meds.  You get it.  And this child does not take antibiotics without screaming.  We have to pin him down, hold his arms and head, and squirt that medicine in his mouth to the background noise of extremely loud screaming, crying, and gurgling.  Sounds like he's drowning in the medicine.   So it was 36 days of h*ll.    Not to mention how pleasant [HAHA] he is at doctors visits and at visits to get those shots.  Not to mention how every visit is another $30 copay.   Oh and the visit to the ENT specialist?  $50 copay and Blaine started the screaming hysterically the minute the receptionist used a digital camera to snap his pic.   The mood only went down from there.   Imagine a girl trying to give him a hearing test while he's locked in a sound proof booth screaming his head off.  Almost comical!


So long story shot, he got ear tubes put in Monday.  You can imagine how pleasant he was [HAHA] at that hospital visit.  I have no idea how I got these two pics in without tears. 

However, I can already tell they are going to make all the difference in the world.  His little "ham-like" personality he has while at home has been taken to all new goofy levels and he is running around with a whole new level of bubbly personality.  

The downfall?  All that medicine over the last month and all that "feeling crappy" has realllllllllllly taken a toll on potty training.  He was to the point in April where I'd have in him underwear all day with little accidents.  The medicines starting messing with his poop; diarrhea one day and constipation the next.  So I kept the diapers on all day. He's still not back to his regular self [pooping once a day, first thing in the morning, on the potty].  He's evening struggling with peeing on the potty.   It has me very frustrated but I just remain calm with him and keep discussing "where the poops and pees go" and when I ask him, "where are you supposed to put the poop and pees?" he always answers "grass".  LOL.   


So yeah, we might have the ear tubes in, but it remains that I'm changing more poopy diaps now that I did when he was 4 months old.  Bizarre.  I hope this ends sooner than later.



Elizabeth said...

How cute is B in his hospital gown?! SO glad the tubes are making a difference- one of my best friend's daughter is in tube surgery RIGHT NOW- same story, infections that just won't go away. Potty training will get back on track- and will probably be a lot easier now that he feels so much better!

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

Aww poor little guy! That's SO rough.

Avery's hospital visits from the seizures he got totally traumatized him and he wouldn't take medicine without an extreme scream fest. It was his first ear infection too (at 17mo!) and what with the antibiotics and ibuprofen he was pretty much done with meds for life.

Jill said...

Cute pics, despite the circumstances. I totally feel your pain though! We made it 19 months without an ear infection and have now had two to four, depending on whether one or more actually ever cleared up. And the meds - screaming, pinning down, horrible-ness exactly like you described. Tubes come June 7. Not soon enough!

Tara said...

Poor guy. Hope the tubes give him some relief. Sadie got her first ear infection last month. Not fun--and antibiotics are so hard on their little tummies. Hope he's on the mend now for good!