Monday, November 21, 2011

EC: Our Journey

As some of you know, I've been doing Elimination Communication with Blaine since he was 2 weeks old. Some people say "it isn't really potty training", but it absolutely is. I've basically been potty training Blaine since birth.

The peak of his potty effectiveness was definitely 5 months to 10 months. In that time period, he often had "one diaper days" where every single poop and pee went in the potty. It was awesome!

Then he started walking.

I think walking opened a whole new door of adventure and freedom. He suddenly was way too busy to sit on the potty and unless it was at a wakeup AND he was "in the mood" to sit, there was no way he was going to sit on that potty. He would kick, he would scream, and I wouldn't push the issue. I was changing poopy diapers for the first time since he was a newborn and I would always say, "Blaine, you pooped in your diaper. You know poop goes on the potty!". Then one day about 14.5 months old, it clicked again. He started pooping on the potty regularly but only in the mornings. If he had an afternoon or evening poop, it would go in the diaper. Even if I knew it was coming and tried to put him on the potty, he would just sit there, and then get up and poop in the diaper 10 minutes later.

That is pretty much where we stand now. It is currently 2:30 pm and he's had the same diaper on since this morning. He's peed twice on the potty and pooped once so it has been a good day so far.

So let me explain my 'disappointment' [I use quotes because obviously I'm thrilled he knows how to use the potty and uses it so much, so I don't want anyone to think I don't appreciate that]. I thought by now he'd be more communicative. I've taught him the ASL sign for potty and he has never used it. I thought he would walk to the potty when he has to go. He never has.

In conclusion: I still think EC is pretty much the BEST THING EVER and I would do it all over again with child 2. I just thought by 16 months we would be further than we are with him initiating the communication regarding when he has to go.


diana said...

That's really interesting. I'm curious if other kids doing EC have similar patterns of initiating communication for using the potty. Does Blaine use ASL for other things, like food?

I'm glad it's working pretty well for you. I was all set to try EC, but between traveling almost every weekend, hectic mornings and daycare, we just decided it wasn't for us.

dr momi said...

Yeah for you!!! I had 2 daughters that did this with the grandchildren. They were out of diapers 6-12 months earlier than any of the others! They are both pregnant again -- and will do it again!

Kirti said...

I had similar experience with E!. We started EC at 11 days post birth. Shhh..sound and E! would pee. She had regular bowel movements every morning around 8 and almost each one was in the potty. She started rebelling at around 11 months. Though we would keep and eye on her and put her on the seat as soon as we get any indication of the poop. Pee is mostly a miss these days, though she has again started to indicate wet diaper by pulling her pants and pointing at her diaper. We use cloth diaper (covers with flats) and it did help her to understand the concept of wet.
Yeah, am also slightly disappointed, but m happy that she can find her own ways to communicate. Hope no more dirty diapers by age 2.

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

Avery is having another pause right now. Refusing to use the toilet. His prime time was 5-10 months too! haha.

I have used the toilet but now want to get him a potty to go on and start training him to do that. I want the one diaper days back!

Don't be discouraged about right now. I am going through the same thing and would love for him to 'get' it. I am waiting for that 'aha' moment that I've seen happen before!

Jill said...

I bet in a few months it will all "click" for good and he'll be totally trained! It's still so cool how many diapers you have saved!

Janelle said...

You are still amazing. The amount of time that I'm sure you've put into this...amazing. wow.

Kari said...

It's so great how you did EC!! Even if he has times that he isn't doing as well as others, I'm sure Blaine will be PLed well before other kids his age.

Amanda said...

Good for you for sticking at it. You're still getting some poops and pees and all of us have better days than others. Hope it goes better!