Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Century Home

I'm running out of time to do this post! And I've been meaning to do it all year long.

I always saw the descriptive words "century home" in real estate ads and never knew what that meant. I thought it was a type of architecture design or something. My mom said "DUH, it means the house is 100 years old!". Ahhh!! Well as of 2010, our home is now a Century Home! Yep, it was built in 1910.

Our house is very unique, very piece-meal, and I just love it to death! The original structure was only 2 rooms and a basement that you had to get to through the "Dorthy and Toto" type trap door. No bathroom, just an outhouse (which I've located by doing some digging while planting marigolds! Found glass bottles galore!). So yeah, bathroom is added on, kitchen added on, and most recently in 1997, the two bedrooms. My grandma claims my house was once a little grocery store, but that is open for debate because the people at the historical society seem to disagree. I'll have to keep asking around!

So, happy 100th birthday house! If only I could transport myself back in time to see what it was like around these parts in 1910, I'd be a happy girl!

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George said...

You, me and Jenny all have this desire to go back in time for some very specific visiting - you want to see what your neighborhood was like when the road was dirt, Jenny wants to go back to the time when the canals were operating or even when they were being built; I share Jenny's wish but in addition want to go back to my grandparent's time when they were young adults and hang out with them for a few years. I especially have a secret desire to see a very early telephone station where they actually had operators like Mabel who would hand-connect your calls - how's that for weird????