Monday, October 12, 2009

The Picture Seen 'Round the World

Life has been a surreal blur this past week or so. Nothing has really sunk in and I just feel like everything is a whirlwind. TV cameras showing up at school unannounced, lots of people stalking down my school email address, newspapers wanting to come get pictures, radio channels wanting interviews. I am on the list of yahoo's most emailed pictures. I'm also in a newspaper in Europe and New Zealand among others.


Pretty cool stuff. However, I'm actually thinking my record will fall Oct 21st in southern Ohio of all places. If it's going to go down, I'd rather have an Ohioan (and a friend at that) do it. But I'll keep my fingers crossed that he goes 1699. LOL.

Next stop: New York City!!


Anonymous said...

Its neat looking at your livefeed to see where all the people are from. You are popular in Canada

Erika Jean said...

time to carve that sucker!
You should find some famous pumpkin carver and let them have a go at ... more press ;-)

George said...

Take a deep breath and enjoy it - take plenty of pictures and put them in a photo album so that your grandkids can look through it and say stuff like "Wow", "grandma was famous!" and "Who's Regis?"

Down On The Farm said...

Awesome, awesome, and my congratulations to you! I just wanna know one thing . . . what are you going to do with that pumpkin now ? ? ? ? Way to go girl!!

Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Just don't forget us little people! We were here before it all!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats........ Sad to hear that your record may fall soon, but they can never take away this amazing adventure!!!!! Congrats again, I am proud of you!