Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook and My Wedding Day

I only dated one guy before meeting Nick. The relationship didn't last long; I think it was from April until July. But it was full of firsts. First date, first kiss; I really liked the guy and have good memories from it.

It ended when he dumped me and broke my heart. We got along great so the dumping hit me like a ton of bricks. It was OUT OF THE BLUE!! I think it must've been the fact that he was over 21 and I wasn't. And he drank beer and I would never in a million years. And I was saving myself for marriage and he hadn't. Things add up when I think about it now.

I always wonder if I would've married him if he hadn't have dumped me. My life would've turned out much differently and I know I wouldn't have turned into the "me" that I am today. I probably would have been happy but a different kind of happy. I know that who I am today is because of Nick and I LOVE who I am today and how my life is. I met Nick the November after "the dumping". We were best friends but not really boyfriend / girlfriend for the next 8 monthes. He came over every single day and we went out every weekend but I continued to claim he "wasn't my boyfriend". That July while in Montana we had our first kiss and I realized we were truly made for one another. Bless his heart for being so patient for so long!

Where is this going? I lost touch with the other guy and recently (for the past year) had been trying to stalk him down just to see where he was / if he was married / kids, etc. My internet stalking skills weren't working out and I hadn't been able to find him until this week, on Facebook. Turns out, we got married the same day, June 10, 2006. Pretty Darn Freaky.

I'm sure glad he dumped me. I needed a husband who would be the other half of me. Who would be adopted as another child / grandchild by my family and truly fit in. Nick fits in my family better than me and that is no lie. I needed a man who would be country.

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Anonymous said...

So cute... Loved reading this post and more about your story.

Isn't is SO weird to think about "what ifs?" I think that you're completely right in saying that you (or anyone) would be a different person if you've taken a different path or had a different partner. It's all those little decisions that we make every day that turn us into who we are.

I think the best relationships start out as friendships first.