Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sleep Update

Blaine has had a few 3 hour stretches between feedings at night! And there have been no more "horror nights"; not that those three nights were THAT horrible, but to a tired mommy who doesn't function well after 9 pm, they felt worse at the time than they actually were.

We learned that Blaine likes being put in his bed and having his back rubbed / patted. Works like a charm! Sometimes you end up rubbing and patting waaay longer than you feel you need to, but it gets him drowsy if he's wide eyed at 2 AM. :)

I sure hope I'm not jinxing myself, because Nick is headed out of town AGAIN tonight (blech). 4 trips in 4 weeks and off to California next week. Boo.


Kari said...

So glad Blaine is sleeping in longer stretches. It's amazing how much more rested you feel sleeping 3 hours vs. 2. Sorry Nick is traveling so often. Glad you found something that helps calm Blaine and get him to sleep!!

Shannon said...

I don't function well after 9pm either! I'm a little worried about the sleep deprivation that awaits me!

Laura-Jane said...

Boo! But, you are a strong gal and mamma and you'll get through just fine. :)