Saturday, March 11, 2017

Akron Indoor Triathlon

Nick and I met at the University of Akron and so I thought it would be super fun to do this race together!  He has never done a triathlon with swimming so he wasn't really super excited about that part.  I told him to take breaks whenever he needed to; a big advance an indoor triathlon in a pool has over an outdoor one in a lake!   I beat him on the swim, he beat me on the bike, and we tied on the run.  He did awesome!  Nick got 3rd overall and I got 15th overall (they put all men and women in one big category together).  

10 minute swim:  350 yards (Nick), 500 yards (Christy)

20 minute bike:  11.1 miles (Nick), 9.2 miles (Christy)

15 minute run:  1.85 miles (Both)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Big Girl Pants!

I really wish I had kept up this blog. I miss old "blog friends" whose blogs have disappeared over the years as mine has.  Wish we had a "blog friend" reunion to see how big everyone's kids are etc.

If you were wondering about a family update, this little spunky princess is now 16 months old!  CRAZY!  She wore undies 3 days in a row this week so far with only 1 accident.   REALLY CRAZY!  I started elimination communication at birth and honestly it really is true: girls are easier to potty train.  Love this girl sooooo much!

Twilight Triathlon

My first indoor triathlon! I want to try new things this year and do new races I've never done. This was an 8 pm race so I thought no biggie until I found out I was in wave 6, starting at 10:05 pm. Woof!  I went waaaaay too early (thought we had to be there for a 7:45 prerace meeting; turns out that was optional haha) but I learned a lot by watching the 5 heats before me.

20 min swim - 17 laps, each lap was 50 yds, for 850 yards total

20 min bike - 5.79 (whatever that means, they calculate the number from your watts and your weight)

20 min run - 22 laps or 2.75 miles

Total: 9.07

I ended up winning my age group and being the fourth overall female. I'll take it. My goal this winter is to improve my swimming so I'm going to do a masters swim class at a local Y this next session.  Pretty excited!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't Drop the Ball 5k

A new race this year, I signed up bc it was super cheap. Then Blaine decided he wanted to do the race too! He did a great job for his first 5k.  Too bad it was pouring rain / sleet.  Haha winter in Ohio!

3.1 miles - 23:17 for 2nd in my age group

Monday, December 12, 2016

Frosty Frolic

This race was sooooooo cold!  I had purple lips for hours afterwards. It was so pretty running in the dark through stadium park's awesome Christmas light display.

3.1 miles - 24:03

15th out of 792 females
3rd of 76 in my age group

Monday, October 3, 2016

Canal Fulton Adventure Race

partnered with Nick for a 2.3 mile run (16:45),  2.5 mile canoe (33:54),  and 4.8 mile bike (17:46).

We were first coed team but 2nd overall losing to a male - male team.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Portage Lakes Triathlon - Sprint

750 meter swim - 18 min for 6th in my age group

13 mile bike - 49:09 for 2nd in my age group

3.1 mile run - 27:44 for 2nd in my age group

Total - 1:37:37, which was 2nd in my age group