Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We Survived! The C word.

I'm not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one on TV.  That being said, I did diagnose Maela with colic.  If she didn't have "true colic", which is 3 hours of crying 3 days a week for 3 weeks or more, well she was darn close.  99% there.    Starting at 4 weeks old and continuing until at least week 10, she screamed and cried on cue (6 pm or so) each night so hard she turned red, and sounded like she would stop breathing for HOURS.   One night it was four hours.  It was to the point where I would start dreading evening by 10 AM.  We would avoid taking her places.  I had strategies to combat the crying such as a bath for her, a shower for me, riding the exercise bike, going outside, but nothing truly worked.

I read all I could read and I truly believe that colic is just developmental; an immature nervous system.  She is (by day) a very happy baby; doesn't ever spit up, normal eating and weight gain.  I don't think she was allergic to anything I was eating.  I don't think the crying was related to tiredness.  I just think it was a phase we had to get through.   It seems to be over for the most part (phew) and we have even quit being shut-ins during the evenings.

Now if we could only get her to like her carseat! ;)

SHE IS BLAINE ALL OVER AGAIN.  I really do feel we just birthed a female version of Blaine!  She looks like him too.  I think he stopped screaming in the carseat by 2.5 yrs old.  It will be a long 2.5 more years.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Maela Helen

Maela Helen was born 2 days early (!!) on 8-31 at 4:32 pm. She was 8 lbs 2 oz.

At 12:30 pm I was feeling a bit "weird" and called Nick at work to tell him I thought we would have a baby in the next 48 hours.

By 12:50 pm I called him back telling him to "come home if he wasn't too busy".

We got to the hospital at 3 pm and by time they checked me at 3:45 pm, I was 10 cm dilated.  Yikes!  No time for an epidural!  TRIPLE YIKES!

She is a sweet sweet baby who I hope turns into just as big of a sweetheart as her brother in time.  Poor kid had to help me through labor from 0 cm to 10 cm, then deal with me having a 103.3 fever 5 days later, and then another fever a few weeks later.  He brings me his first aid kit and tells me to put medical tape where it hurts.   Haha!  Love that little guy.  How did I get so lucky with these amazing kids?!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

27 Weeks

We clearly wore too much blue that day. ;)

Because IT IS A GIRL!!

I had my positive pregnancy test December 21st which made it fun telling family on Christmas.  Of course at first I wanted it to be a girl, who wouldn't want one of each, but Blaine wanted a boy sooooooo bad that I had convinced myself another boy would be easier and actually thought it probably was a boy.  I have had pretty much had the exact same pregnancy minus the fact I'm 5 years older and little things like a stiff back bother me much more.  Then of course the fact my belly is much larger this time around has made me ready to give birth like NOW.   I just want to fit in my normal clothes again and do normal things! 

Due date is September 2nd!  

Let summer begin! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little Guy

I have checked in our owl boxes a few times since we saw the owl sleeping and hadn't seen anything again.  Well, yesterday I was in my living room and looked outside, noticing something fuzzy sticking out of the owl box.   Zoomed in with my camera, and BAM!  OWL!  These things really are tiny, considering the opening of the box is only 3 inches.  Nick snuck out and got the front shot.  Little Guy was trying to warm up up in the sun I think; it was only 3 degrees! 

Then, later in the day, I saw something fuzzy sticking out again! This time the little guy was awake! I think I'm in love! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Addiction: Geneology

Back in college, we had a project to trace our family tree until we found who on each line came over to America. I found this task super fun, but SUPER difficult. I made it back at least 8 generations on most lines and still only found a couple "immigrants".

A couple years ago, I did the two week free trial of ancestry.com and filled in my tree a lot more in the time period.  I sort of put it on pause when the two weeks ended.

Flash forward to this year.  The township I live in is celebrating it's bicentennial and I'm on the committee for the celebration at my school.  I knew I had a great great grandpa who went to the one room schoolhouse that sits out front of the HS I teach at.  It was family legend but I hadn't found proof.  Well through visiting the historical society to prepare for the bicentennial, I confirmed he went to that school for at least 7 years. 

This family lived in the township I live in now.  Most of the kids went to the one room school house I was mentioning.  I definitely think the girls look brain dead, but I've seen pictures later in life to prove they actually look normal, lol

I also recently discovered historicalmapworks.com which is an AMAZING site.  It is easy to say my favorite thing to do is scour old maps trying to find family farms. I've found properties all over.  I always thought my mom's side was the "local farmers who have been here forever" but I'm finding lines on my dad's side that had farms super close to here.  Even he had no idea! 

The furthest back I can find any ancestor in America is 1635 so that's exciting. 

I have so much more exciting things to blog about but let's save more for the future. Just wanted to share my latest obsession in life!

everyone makes fun of me for thinking my great great grandpa was hot

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter is here and so is an OWL!

Winter came early this year!  We had several inches of snow one day but it hit mostly in the hours AFTER the superintendent decided school would be OPEN.  Ha.  We also had some bitter cold temps; enough to freeze the ice thick enough for a morning of ice fishing before mild temps returned to melt all the winter goodness.  

In other news, we used an icefishing cam to spy on a few owl boxes we had put up this summer.  SUCCESS!  So cute to see a sleeping owl in the 2nd one we checked.  SO CUTE! I hope it sticks around and has babies this spring. :)

Speaking of babies, it was our goal to have a summer 2015 baby but things aren't working out so far.  Cross fingers for fall 2015!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Kent State University at Stark - Adventure Race

This first time event was held very close to home.  I was so excited to see it involved biking, canoeing, and running.  You had to be on a two person team and you had to use a canoe, not a double kayak.  Darn!  We got a double kayak this summer and it is wicked fast!  They wanted to keep the playing field competitive and keep it family friendly.   Nick had just done the Akron Marathon {whole!!} the weekend before and his knee had been bothering him.  Blaine had been puking all day the previous day and I had woken up with diarrhea.  Would be an interesting day for sure.

It started in downtown Canal Fulton with a 4.9 mile bike ride, then a 2.4 mile canoe downriver, then a 2.3 mile run back to where you started.  It was all on the towpath so they didn't need to worry about traffic.

The bike - They started bikers out in groups of four every 10 seconds are so.  I was nervous things would get clogged up on the trail because we started over halfway back in the field, but we ended up having no problems and were in first place by the end of the bike.    Our time was 16:05.

The canoe - OH MAN!  Things got bad.  Bad meaning wet wet wet.  My mom said it was hailing at home but we only had to canoe through pouring rain.  Eek.  Our time was 29:24.

The run - I was pretty cold and my feet were frozen by this point.  We just had to keep trudging because even though we couldn't see  anyone behind us, someone who started in the very back could have had a better time than us.  We finished the run in 19:33.

Our total time was 1:04.56 for first team overall!  I was happy but haven't been happy since.  I came down with a fever and sore throat the next day that I STILL HAVE!  I have never been this sick for this long.  I can't necessarily blame being out in the cold rain but it probably didn't help since I was probably coming down with the bug before the race.  Up next: recover from fever!

All photos credits go to Kent University at Stark - Fitness and Wellness and / or Ohio Race Day

Probably the best pic I have of us since our wedding.  We are wearing our prizes: Kent fleeces.  Ironic because we met and graduated from rival Akron. :)