Saturday, August 21, 2010


Guess what Blaine did last night? ;)

Yep we went to a dinner party at a friend's house and left the baby potty at home. We didn't want to have to explain ourselves, have our friends not believe us, and have them think we are downright strange. It was our plan to not talk about our baby potty experiences at all during the evening.

Well we had been there all of 10 minutes when one friend said, "So what is with the baby potty picture you've got on facebook? IS THAT FOR REAL?!" We said "yes" and they didn't believe us; you know the normal reaction. To make a long story short, Blaine peed on their real toilet later that evening almost immediately after I sat him on it and said, "Pee in the potty! PSSSSSSSSS". Even I was beyond belief that he would pee on a strange toilet, in a strange place, with so many strangers' eyes in the room; and well my friends - speechless.

I know pretty much every mother of every child thinks that their child is UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING - well I just joined the club. :)

Oh yeah, the other baby there is 4 monthes old and still not rolling over. Blaine also showed off that skill numerous times throughout the evening. They offered me $700 a month AND a double jogging stroller if I'd watch their kid this year. I declined. LOL.

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Shannon said...

That is so unbelievable! I am really intrigued by this. Blaine is one smart boy :)