Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby Carrier

Right now thanks to Heather I am using this carrier:

Blaine love love love LOVES it and so do I. A quick search online for info tells me that baby can face in or out and it is to be used for infants 7-26 lbs. But the baby will always be in front.

I think I'm going to look for one that can be used as a backpack and I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BABY CARRIERS WHAT-SO-EVER! From reading blogs, I have seen that people like the Mei Tei and Moby Wrap and they can be used in front or in back. This is a cool place to see pictures of a bunch of different carriers and wraps: click here I'm looking for cheap but safe. I definitely do not want to spend over $100.

That is where you come in: Do you have any suggestions for me? :)


heather said...

my suggestion is to borrow the backpack one I clue what it is I'd have to go look but it is one of the middle of the range ones. I think 28 lbs of on the go Ian and a backpack will just be a combo that never works.

Kari said...

I'm using the Moby wrap until Liam has head control, then we have both a Beco and an Ergo. I did a TON of research on carriers and these were 2 of the top rated ones. They hold a baby through toddler & beyond. The Ergo is tested up to 90lbs. They are over $100, not by much, but you can get them used for less. Plus I justified it by saying we'd use it for so long that it pays for itself. They are pretty similar, we plan to probably get roid of one or the other unless one of us ends up loving one & the other likes the other!! Both of these are recommended by pediatric orthopedic doctors and chiropractors, there's some concern other carriers like Bjorns can be hard on little ones bones. has some Becos on clearance, even a new one for $99 in their clearance section if you're interested. Good luck!! Babywearing is so great for Mama & baby!!

Janelle said...

I don't know how much it costs (it was a gift), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ergo carrier. I wear it with Wes in the front right now (3 months old) and can wear Austin (almost two) on my back with it, for hours, with no back strain. I have a friend who uses it with her 4 year old (who is HUGE, and she is TINY) with no problem. Probably expensive but totally worth it. Or worth dropping hints to the 'rents for :) I had a wrap and didn't like it at all - too much fiddling and fabric etc. Ergo all the way.
I also had a Kelty backpack, and I could never get comfortable with it, or last much longer than an hour, and I would feel it the next day.