Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6 Weeks!

Yep, still the master of funny faces:Everyone needs a good breastfeeding pic:

He gives just about everyone the stink eye including his doctor during the eye exam (LOL):

Love his hands in this pic:
Still loving peeing on the pot!! We realllly need to work on pooping on the pot though. His poops are getting less in number but LARGE in size and they are silent so I don't know when they are coming. Often he will FILL his diaper with poop, I'll go to change him and there will be no pee in the diaper so I stick him on the pot and he goes pee. I'm like "dude you could've pooped too in the potty!" Oh well! The potty really is Blaine's happy place; now he sits on there and smiles. haha. We ordered a larger one to keep at grandma's:

6 Weeks! The week of the S's: smiles and sleep.

Blaine is smiling up a storm (even at me now) and sleeping like a champ. He always starts out the night with a 5 hour stretch between feedings and then has 3's and 2's after that. Pretty exciting! He's napping great too. What's really nice is during the night he has mastered putting himself to sleep. I finish the feeding, stick him in his bed, and he grunts himself to sleep in half an hour or less with no crying / freaking out. Daytime naps are a different story and I usually need a stroller or carrier to get him to sleep and then a delicate transfer that doesn't always go well. LOL. The problem is he likes being awake so much he hits a wall after an hour and a half then gets pretty darn grumpy and resists naps. We're working on that :).

In other news, school started this week and 1. It is not weird that I'm not there and 2. I'm definitely not sad! I love this temporary stay-at-home mom stuff. :)
PS He weighs 11 lbs and 7.5 oz as of week 6


Jill said...

Those pics are hilarious! So cute!

Shannon said...

I love the stink eye! He just keeps getting cuter :)

I need to google this potty business. I am still amazed that you have an infant peeing on a potty!

Janelle said...

Jealous of this stay-at-home business. Seriously. Enjoy it!

Casey said...

He is so stinkin' cute! LOVE those faces!

I read a sleep book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child and it was pretty insightful into how babies sleep. We don't follow it to a T or anything, but it gave some serious clues on when Eli was tired. We started reading it when he was about 6 weeks old, when he was REALLY fussy during that 6 week growth spurt. He is 10 weeks now and though we are still working on it, he is getting much better about falling asleep on his own in his crib for naps. He has been sleeping for 7-8 hour stretches at night since 8 weeks, and the last 2 nights he slept 10 hours straight!

Courtney said...

The stink eye made me laugh. So funny. Ava does a great mean face that I need to take a picture of.

Amanda As A Bee said...

Hi Christy, Thanks for posting on my blog. I will add yours to my blogroll as I read it for a bit and then totally lost track of the address. Yup I'm due at the end of November. Tell me sweet lies about your baby how he sleeps through the night and never cries hysterically!:) I'm into those lies right now! Your little guy is adorable. And you're doing the newborn toilet training which is something I totally want to get into. What books did you read on the subject? We're going to be living on a boat (as you can tell by the blog) and the less diapers the better! Good luck and sending happy-nap wishes to you!