Sunday, August 15, 2010

1 month!

Four weeks ago Blaine was born! He now rolls over and pees on the potty too many times to track (he only peed in his diaper once all day yesterday!). I get so excited that he's saving us $$ on diapers haha.

We are actually starting to think that him feeling he needs to pee in the potty might inhibit him from sleeping all night long. Everytime he woke up last night, he peed in the potty!! But the longest he slept in one stretch was 3 hours. The other stretches were 2.5 hours and then 2 hours. I know 6 weeks is a common time to "sleep through the night" and at 4 weeks, I can't imagine it happening anytime soon. Oh well.

Other new things:

~ Grabbing the neckline of people's shirts while being held

~ Little cute talking noises

~ Little smiles

~ Giggles in sleep

~ Rolls from tummy to back towards right side AND left side (I didn't notice this until yesterday that he switches it up!)


Kari said...

Happy 1 Month Blaine!! Congrats on the potty success!! You're very ambitious and it will pay off in money you save on diapers for sure. I don't think I could convince my DH to trade Liam's sleeping through the night for not having to change diapers though. That sleeping through the night was is really, really nice. :) Congrats also on the rolling over, both ways!!

Kari said...

At first it freaked me out because I was not expecting him to be sleeping through the night for a while. I asked the pedi if I should be waking him up to eat but he said nope he's gaining weight and he'll make up for night feedings during the day. We usually put him in his pajamas about 10pm-11pm and give him his last bottle. I try to keep the lights low and things quiet for him from about 9pm on. We lay him down after he finishes, he's not usually sleeping but he'll lay there for a while and eventually falls asleep. In the mornings he does eat about every 2 hours to make up for his night sleeping. Now if only I didn't have to get up to pump every 2 hours at night. :)

Abby said...

Happy One Month! What a great idea to keep track of new things he's doing - I'm going to have to steal that idea! ;)

Shannon said...

I can't get over the potty and the fact that it is actually working with an infant! I am going to have to bombard you with questions when my little guy gets here :)

Courtney said...

Look at those eyes. You have a lady killer on your hands!