Sunday, August 1, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Today Blaine went to church for the first time! But the day only got more exciting from there.

HE ROLLED OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had him on his tummy for tummytime and suprising to everyone, he flipped to his back. I wouldn't have believed it myself but my parents both witnessed it and he did it 6 times total before getting so tired he had to take a nap :). The first time it took awhile but each time he got better and faster at the whole flipping process.

YAY! We looked in my baby book and I rolled over at 3 weeks old so he's already beating me in development. I just think he has a really strong neck / back. I noticed it when we were still in the hospital, so we've just really done a lot of tummytime since then. In summary: this was soooo exciting but hopefully he beats both Nick and I in the potty-training timeline (and we are tough to beat!). haha.

PS his umbilical chord fell off today too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erika Jean said...

What a cutie! He sure knows how to work the camera ;-)

Jill said...

Impressive! My mom says my brother rolled over at 10 days but no one believed her!

Shannon said...

Rolling over already! They grow up so fast! I love the pictures. He is such a beautiful boy! I love the one of you with him :)

basebell6 said...

Jill, I totally believe your mom! It is incredible the strength these kids just pop out of the womb with!!!

Janelle said...

What a little man! Wes was an early roller too - but at 1 month, not two weeks! Watch out for him, he'll be crawling before you know it.