Friday, August 6, 2010

First Night Away

Nick spent his first night out-of-state since Blaine was born and everything went soooo well! It was a quick trip (there and back in 2 days....Ohio to North Carolina by car; can you believe that!?). I'm lucky most of Nick's trips are quick like that. I'm also lucky to have pretty much my whole family AND Nick's whole family within 10 miles of here in case something would go wrong.

Blaine forgot how to roll over for 3 days and then did it again yesterday three times! And better than Sunday! YAY! It was my grandma's birthday so she was pretty excited to get to witness the event :).

I always said I wouldn't let this become a Mom Blog. OOPS!! Babe is pretty much my life now and I love it; he is the only topic I can think to write about! I'll throw in a sunset pic from last week for variety!!


Anna Colleen said...

Blaine is so cute. That is funny that he forgot how to roll over. And happy birthday to your grandma.

Erika Jean said...

Wow! Look at him hold that head up ;-D CUTE. Love the thrown in sunset, hehe

Theresa E. said...

I don't mind that you're blogging about the baby all the time! I like reading about him :) I need to come see you guys soon as school starts back up and I'm out that direction.