Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elimination Communication

I really hadn't even heard of elimination communication before reading one well written blog post and a few websites I googled afterwards in curiousity. But I was thinking it sounded like a good idea; but there was no way I'd go "diaper free" or anything like the book Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene apparently says (again, I didn't read it) but I'd give it a try here and there. Anything to speed up the potty training process! Nick was potty trained by 10 monthes and me by 15 monthes, so Blaine has big shoes (or toilets) to fill. LOL.

I googled Baby Bjorn and bought the potty for $12. It has been SOOOOOO FUN trying to "catch" Blaine's pees and poos. Blaine has peed seven times in the potty and pooped once; or I guess you could say I "caught" them. I'm pretty convinced that infants have more control over their excretions than people give them credit for. I have been sitting him on it everytime I go in for a diaper change while saying "Pee in the potty; PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS". You try to make them associate a sound with peeing and a different sound for pooping. Yesterday he went three times and he already went this morning once!

Thank goodness my mom witnessed one pee because I'm pretty sure she was thinking I was making this all up! :)

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Shannon said...

Very interesting. I will be interested to see what your experience is like.