Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 Months

By far the most fun month so far. *don't I say that to myself every month?!*

~ Very determined, strong willed personality, but so quick to smile and laugh
~ Still no teeth, thank goodness because....
~ Still breastfeeding with no lost interest on either side
~ Nurses to sleep for most all naps and at bedtime
~ Cry it out deemed a success because we only have 1 or 2 wake ups at night now
~ 2 naps per day; Approx. 10 and 3.
~ Loves walks with Daddy (on his shoulders) to see animals
~ Loves anything pasta
~ Loves all fruit
~ Doesn't love all vegetables
~ Stands alone
~ Took first steps last week
~ Has magnetic attraction to stairs
~ Still no words
~ Such an explorer but...
~ Clingy more often than not
~ Cries and screams hysterically when mad
~ Shy with strangers (and scared my grandpa LOL)
~ Poops in potty very close to 99% but struggles more with peeing than in the past (hates getting playtime interupted)


Kara said...

My baby is a pasta lover too.

Happy 10th months Blaine!

Kari said...

Happy 10 months Blaine!! Sounds like you're mastering those new skills quickly!! LD isn't a big veggie guy either...I hide them in the fruit. :)

Lanny said...

So my mom has this story about my older sister, one of the middle children. Mom couldn't figure out why sister was still having trouble staying dry when she was fairly old, three or so. Mom would call her then three children (three more came after that) into the house for lunch and the youngest of the three would kick off her wet pants and say, "there's another wet one." My mom finally figured out why, when my sister did come in to go potty before lunch my mom would just keep her in and then call the older two in for lunch later. She learned to not care that she was wet.

So glad she got that all figured out by the time the last one (me) came along, she quit calling us in for lunch, we became self feeders. And pottiers.

Megan said...

Wait what?! He poops in the potty already?! Have you posted about this before? That's incredible!

LOVE those pics you shared!

There's another giveaway on my blog today...have you had a chance to enter yet?

Abby said...

Happy 10 Months, Blaine! Holy Moly! Double Digits!! Such great pictures - he's so darn cute!

Kirby and Anna said...

I love that first picture... what a cutie :)

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

I love this update because it's such an awesome look at what's to come with Avery. Crazy he doesn't have teeth yet! Avery is getting them left and right. haha. It's not super great but not too terrible either so don't dread it much:)

I can't believe he already took steps on his own! So ahead of the game!

Claire said...

it does keep getting more fun! he's such a cutie.