Thursday, July 1, 2010

Excerpts from Doctor's Visit

Today I met the last of 7 doctors at the practice where I go. It was a girl doctor (one of three) and she was delightful! Let me take you through some tidbits of the conversation:

Dr. V: Wow you have a long torso! I bet people tell you that you don't look 9 monthes pregnant!

Me: TWICE ALREADY TODAY! :) In fact the cashier at the store guessed 4 monthes along.

Dr. V: Women with long torsos tend to have easier labors so that is a good thing.


Dr. V: He's sure in there pretty lopsided.

Me: Everytime I come he wedges over onto the left side!

Dr. V: His head is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LOW!! And your cervix is still tightly closed but it is thinning and softening. So you are 0 cm dilated but 70 % effaced; just how you want it to be!

Me: (I'm thinking "ACTUALLY I 'want' this kid out yesterday" LOL).

So yeah overall the visit made me smile because it everything was A-O-K. My blood pressure was at my pre-pregnancy super low ammount and I'm back down 2 lbs from last week; totaling 26 lbs gained.


Jill said...

Sounds good. I'm sure you're beyond ready. Hope he comes soon!

Abby said...

Almost there! I hope it goes super smooth for you!

Kari said...

I hope the doctor didn't jinx you into a difficult labor. My doula told us last week that women who start dilating with no contractions always have the easiest labors(which is what I've been doing), and I felt the same way you did. Hey don't jinx me. It's funny how everyone thinks they know the right thing to say. And I hear ya on the I wanted him out yesterday!! My little guy squishes over to the left too. Must be more room over there for these guys. He pushes himself way out to the point where it's uncomfortable. Yours, too? We're so close. Hang in there Mama, I'm right there with ya!!

Down On The Farm said...

Praying for a quick, easy delivery and a healthy baby. He will be here before you know it, and as un-fun as these last few weeks are. Trust me, this truly is the easy part :0!!! Worth every second.

Lanny said...

You'll do great! Stubborn babies, stubborn bodies are no match for tough pumpkin growin' gals! Rest up as much as you can, and hang on, the next thirty years is just a wild crazy ride full of amazing mind bending things! What a beautiful world you are stepping into.