Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We interupt "Wilbur Watch" to pretend that my every minute isn't spent waiting for this kid to pop out. Today I went on a bike ride and 2 walks. Nothing. DANG IT! I have been telling this kid for 9 months that June 3oth was the day he needed to come out and he didn't listen! He's already a rebel. :)

Anyways. My grandparents have one of those windmills that aerate the pond to keep the fishies alive and such. Well the bearing went bad or something or other so they took it down and replaced the top part. Ma-Ma painted it from John Deere colors to Ohio State colors for a change in scenery and they put up the new improved windmill on Saturday! Fun times!

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Lanny said...

Love the windmill! How special to be there to help your grandparents fix it and get it back together.