Friday, July 9, 2010

New Shorts and Cold Front!

Two things might just make this pregnancy-end turn out OK afterall. First, the longest heat wave in 4 years has ENDED!! YIPEE!! I survived without airconditioning at my house (let me interject that I know they manufacture room a/c units but I wanted to tough this out just like my mom and her mom and her mom and her mom did in pregnancy). Let me also say that I spend from 1 pm - 9 pm each night at my mom's house in her airconditioning. hehe. So yeah, I cheated a lot but it was still hot sleeping in my bed this week! LOL.

Secondly, not counting underwear and bras (whole other post entirely!) I have spent less than $30 on maternity clothes this pregnancy!! I bought 2 skirts, 3 shirts, and 2 pairs of pants ALL at goodwill to survive this. I was lucky because a friend gave me all her clothes :).

Where is this going? Since I was so sure that Wilbur was genetically programed to be born early, I have been surving this last month of pregnancy with only ONE pair of shorts that fit me right! AND THEY WERE MADE OF HEAVY SWEATPANT MATERIAL! I refused to go buy any more because I was like "oh this will be over soon". Well, as a 39 week and 3 day gift to myself, I bought a new pair of ultra thin, super comfy shorts. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A 39 WEEK GIFT TO YOURSELF because heck, not all women even make it to week 39! My mom likes to remind me that she "wouldn't know what week 39 is like". The scummy scum. haha.

Heck with these new thin shorts, I'm sure I could go ahead and be pregnant a whole more month and not even mind!


And lastly, Nick "might" just have jumped on the "you are crazy" bandwagon. Here was our conversation an hour ago:

Nick: Hi
Me: Hi
Nick: Where are you?
Me: At the towpath
Nick: Doing what?
Me: Riding my bike
Nick: You are CRAZY!
Me: I'm at 9.2 miles and still not back to the parking lot!
Nick: You are REALLY CRAZY!

Don't know why he jumped ship today!!! I've been riding my bike every-other day since the snow has melted, and I'm actually making a promise right here, right now, that if Wilbur is still in my belly on July 13th (his due date), I WILL ride my bike :). Don't worry, rescue is a phone call away and I know my body well enough to know what I can handle!


Erika Jean said...

39 weeks and on a bike. You ARE crazy ;-)

Shannon said...

I caved on the air conditioning with this heat wave. I wasn't going to, but we just moved into our new house and working so hard in this heat was not good for me...or baby. It was hard to turn it on though.

I admire you for biking over 9 miles! I hope I can continue to be as active as I am right up until the end. I'm not a biker, and I had to give up on running because of persistent groin pain, but I hit the elliptical everyday and it makes me feel much better.

Kate said...

I'm with Nick - you ARE crazy!

However, I'm all for crazy if it makes you happy... :0) Glad you're feeling good!

Kari said...

Love the new shorts and you deserved 'em!! You're braver than I, biking while pregnant. If it helps pass the time I say keep it up!!

Janelle said...

I rode a bike less than 12 hours before my water broke. only 6-7 miles, but still...

And I also splurged and bought myself a cute maternity skirt/shirt to wear to my cousin's wedding two 1/2 weeks before my due date - and then had the kid a week before the wedding! So I never wore it with baby #1, but saved it and it got lots of use this time around. I also spent a grand total of around $60 on clothes (including that skirt/shirt splurge) because I borrow clothes - we had a "sisterhood of the travelling maternity clothes" and it is AWESOME!
Congrats on the new shorts - and the end of the heat wave. We're still in the 80's here, but at least not hitting 90+...

George said...

So here it is, July 13th, late evening - did you go for a ride????

basebell6 said...

I sure did!! I rode right after lunch from Crystal Springs to Butterbridge and back. I cut down on miles after I REALLLY hit the wall yesterday (Lock 4 to Clinton and back); my energy level has been zapped the last few days. blech.