Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We have this little saying that we say in high pitched, cartoon-like voices. It goes like this: "PEAS TO THE EXTREEEEEEME!!!!"

I have no idea who started it or why but now we say it every time we either plant peas, pick peas, shell peas, freeze peas, or eat peas.

BROCCOLLI TO THE EXTREEEEEEME just doesn't sound quite right.

And BEANS TO THE EXTREEEEEEEME is even more pathetic.

But today is a pick and freeze beans and broccolli day. Tomorrow will be peas.


Erika Jean said...

yummmm you need to have a roadside stand! That broccoli looks good!

Kate said...

It all looks so good, but how the heck to you keep up with a garden that size??? It would kill me!

basebell6 said...

Kate, since I'm so fat this year, Nick is doing most of the planting, ALL of the weeding, and I am doing all the picking and freezing. Every other year it is nice because my job means I'm off with nothing to do for 3 monthes straight :). That is why I always had a bigger pumpkin than him in years past. LOL.

Abby said...

Those look incredible!! Way to go at 39 weeks!

Abby said...
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Lanny said...

I may have to stop coming here if you are going to continue to show off your corn. Even on a good year, which this most certainly was not, our corn is never that tall by the first of July!