Monday, July 12, 2010

Funniest Email EVER

Sent from a pumpkin friend in Oregon:

Tip for Early Arrival‏
Mon 7/12/10 1:39 PM

Well, it's too late at this point, but in your diary, you posted the rhetorical, "why isn't this kid out yet."

Easy answer: because you let Nick spread the manure instead of doing it yourself. Mom was due with me on 5/20. Dad was having troubles with the manure spreader, so he had mom climb up onto the Farmall 100 and drive while he rode on the manure spreader and held it in gear (the things you'll do as a farmer...but I digress).

Anyhow, mom's water broke that night, and I was born the next day, May 6th. So...there you go. A four wheeler won't do it, but apparently the combination of bouncing around a field on a tractor combined with the stench of chicken manure is enough to force any kid out of the womb.

Or maybe, even then, I just like the smell of fertilizer...hmmm, sweet, sweet fertilizer.


Kate said...

Ha ha - that's awesome!

For me, the 4 wheeler starts contractions in no time - I don't even have to be driving on a bumpy road... I would imagine that the old tractor would be worse, though. :0)

Shannon said...

So funny!

Tomorrow will be the day! (I'll just keep saying that and eventually, tomorrow will be the day!)