Sunday, July 25, 2010


Let's start by saying that I was deathly afraid of being pregnant and even more afraid of labor and delivery. It was all those horror stories floating through my mind that I've been told over the years. "Pregnancy was the worst 9 months of my life and labor was even worse," I often heard from women most notedly my mom.

In fact I was SO scared, last summer I even said to Nick, who was planning on having children with me all along, "Would you be OK if we didn't have kids at all?" He wasn't on board for that.

I'm so glad I can sit here 1 week postpardum and report in my summary to you:

Pregnancy = CAKE!! I biked up to my due date, cross country skiied, ice skated, 4-wheeled, swam, hiked, had no swelling, no heartburn, no morning sickness. People at my church didn't even realize I was pregnant until May, when they asked, "When are you due," and when I said "July" they'd say "THIS JULY?!!"

Labor / Delivery = EVEN EASIER!!! I highly HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend epidurals. Most medical research shows they don't cross the placenta and don't affect the baby; why not get one? I had no trouble feeling my legs or feet. I could even pick up my legs myself while pushing and feel the fluids coming out. It blocked the pain it needed to block to make the experience so much better.

Recovery: Here is where the story gets iffy. "Some swelling is normal but THAT MUCH swellling is not!!" is a phrase I heard from nurses and doctors wayyy too many times during my hospital stay. Let's just say icepacks in my undies have been great and I'm almost back to normal. Looking back, recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it was at the time. LOL.

Post-Labor Weight Loss: I'll get back to you on this one but I'm down 21 lbs and have 13 more to go if I want to be at my "last August" weight of 138 lbs. I did put all my maternity clothes away in a box yesterday and it felt SOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!

Here's my one week postpartum belly pic:

Going back, I think it compares to my 24 weeks pregnant belly. Not too bad I'd say!!

Next up: Allergy post! I've been meaning to do this for weeks now but didn't want to jinx anything :)


Shannon said...

I am crossing my fingers my labor goes as smoothly as yours.

Blaine is such a beautiful baby! So peaceful! You've taken some lovely pictures!

Kari said...

Sounds like you were really lucky and that's great!! Pregnancy was easy for me too, aside from my constant worrying but after 3 yrs of trying and losing 2 babies what can one expect? Recovery on the other hand...not as easy. I'm sure your being active probably helped you recover quickly. It's great that you've bounced back!!

peggy said...

Thank goodness for childbirth classes and good sense. Don't listen to people when they tell you horror stories about having babies. And don't listen to them when they try to tell you how to raise your baby either. Read, read, read and then do what you, yourself think is the best. You and Nick are smart you will do an awesome job with little Blaine