Saturday, July 10, 2010


My cousin gave me this Babycook for my shower. It is around $150 (!!!) so definitely something I wouldn't have spurged for myself (I'd go with the low-tech food grinding). However, now that I have it, I'M IN LOVE! With the buckets and buckets and buckets of beans the garden is producing lately, I figured I'd get this puppy out of the box and give it a whirl. Then I would freeze the baby food in icecube trays to save for when Wilbur is old enough to eat it!

Cleaning beans:

Snapping beans:

You load the beans (above) and the machine steams them and then grinds them:
I also did zucchini and can't wait to try other things as they ripen!!


Shannon said...

My mom just bought me a fancy, new food processor so I can make baby food too. Its a big one so I can make big batches and freeze it. I've heard that you can put the puree in ice cube trays to freeze and you have portions all ready to go.

basebell6 said...

Yep, ice cube trays is what we used! They pop out super nice even without greasing the tray or anything. Just have to be patient enough to let them freeze the whole way through (can you tell I wasn't on the first batch? LOL).

Janelle said...

I'm pretty jealous of your fancy toy. I have a food processor and an old-fashioned grinder that I used the heck out of, but had to steam them on my own. Oh, poor me. :)