Tuesday, July 6, 2010

39 Weeks

Being a math person and all, I like to think in statistics. I've read that only 25% of women have their babies early; however by doing family research and ALSO reading that your odds of being early / late can directly correlate with pregnancies other women in your family have had, I gave myself a 90% chance of going early.


But here we are.

Some random thoughts from the weekend:

~ Something in my lower back can now pop out of place while sleeping. One night it corrected itself before morning. This morning, it has yet to do that and so every step I take is accompanied by a POP.
~ I need to take my own advice regarding "Avoiding Pregnancy Insomnia" and never EVER sleep 11 hours in one night EVER again!

~ Here I am about to give birth and my sister still has bigger boobs than me. (I'm actually relieved about this).

~ I can sleep in a bedroom that is 85 degrees if I have no covers or sheets and keep 2 fans blowing on me.

~ Weather in the 90's is good for nothing other than swimming and complaining.
~ I want peanut butter pie and plan on making one today :).



Lanny said...

You look great though, that ought to be worth something eh?! I don't think babies or bodies read math and statistics books any more than they read "normal" birth books. (or maybe they do and some just like to be different).

Kate said...

Looking great!

I can't believe that you've got corn already!!! Ours is just about knee high - we've got a ways to go yet... Hopefully the boys beat the corn at our house.

Glad you're feeling good - although the back thing is a little scary - I hope it doesn't get worse.

Erika Jean said...

Aw. I hope the little one comes for you soon. ;-)

Kari said...

I just keep telling myself we have to sleep now while we can. It's so hard not to think you're going to be one of the early ones and get to meet your baby sooner than 40 weeks. Hoping both of us meet our little boys very, very soon!! :)

Jennifer said...

You look terrific! And that corn looks super yummy. I hope it was :)

Janelle said...

I can't believe the corn came first - I would have bet on Wilber for sure. Which is why I'm not a betting gal.

George said...

My new bet is for this Saturday, while the rest o' the gang is hiking Zaleski (me included:) I hear peanut butter is a known baby inducing ingredient...go for it!!