Monday, July 26, 2010


Growing up, I was an allergy mess. Luckily we found a great allergist who got them under control around my middle schools years and ever since then, I've been doing decent in the allergy department. Except in June. June is my only "month of doom". It is so bad in June that I often have to sleep in the basement because of uncontrollable stuffiness!!

Now I'm married to an even bigger allergy mess. Yep, an outdoors man / lawncare owner / avid gardener with allergies. He is a mess pretty much all summer. Nick swears he is even allergic to airconditioning. LOL.

Well I had heard that in pregnancy, you can be stuffy for 9 months without any good reason because of hormones. My grandma had that pregnancy symptom pretty bad and considering I inherited just about 99% of my grandma's tendencies including allergies, I thought I would be doomed all 9 months and REALLLY doomed in June.

What happened during pregnancy? NO STUFFINESS EVER! I sneezed a few times in June, but my allergies were nonexistent this year. Pregnancy suppressed my allergies??!! AWESOME! I might consider becoming the next Mrs. Duggar and being pregnant for the next 23 years.


I saw this in a magazine and think it is BS by the way.

Blaine already got his farm visit taken care of on day 4, 5, 6, 7 and well you get my point. Everyday Nick says "hope he isn't allergic to corn" because with all the fields around here, he'd be doomed! I don't think he'll be able to avoid genetics though. blech.


Lanny said...

Here tell that kids who grow up with pets are less allergic also. Too bad we sold the last pup, we would have loved to have mailed it to Wi... I mean Blaine!

The whole farmer/gardner with allergy thing - yeah that's my gig too, but oh well I'd rather die a farm girl than be an old city hacker.

And yes, you very much can be allergic to airconditioning. Actually it is an allergy to the mold spores that grow so quickly in the units and is nearly impossible to irradicate. That is how I got my pneumonia last December, sitting under the ventilation at the court house for jury duty, left there feeling quite doomed woke in the morning not breathing, within days it was pneumonia.

Kari said...

What a great pregnancy side effect, no allergies!! I'm sure it was a welcome relief. At one point towards the begining of the 2nd trimester I got congested and I was sure it was going to be the dreaded pregnancy congestion and it would last the entire time & I'd be miserable. It was not fun, but it was temporary. So I'm glad you didn't have to battle that during pregnancy. I saw that same article about the farm. How awesome Blaine lives right there and I'm sure it will have a great impact!! :) My DH is allergic to cats(we have 2) and I was so afraid Liam would be too, so far so good no sign of cat allergies. Supposedly the more allergies the parents have, the more likely the child is to have allergies, though not necessarily the same ones.