Sunday, October 3, 2010

A TIE!!!!!!!?????

So I was mentally prepared for 3 people to break my world record yesterday. One guy from PA, one from MI, and one from CA. To make a long story short, two went waaay light and one went, well, EXACTLY ON! Yep, someone from Michigan TIED MY WORLD RECORD EXACTLY!

What were the odds?!!

I guess they put it on the scale and it read 1724 so they thought it might not be "lined up right" so they lifted it, did some repositioning, and then weighed it again. 1725 and a tie. Crazy stuff, huh? I'm happy and that guy has had ONE AWESOME year and deserves it!

Nick came in 7th place at Canfield with a new personal best, 1441 lbs!! AWESOME! He won tomato and muskmelon so that was cool.
Blaine did good at the weighoff. He slept the whole time. LOL. But he woke up at the end just in time for pictures and to go home. :)


Lanny said...

Wow, what are the odds? What made you think that they other two were going to give you a run for it? reputation, measurements...? Personally I'd go with the first measurement in my mind. But then that's just me!

Personal bests are great! Way to go Nick!

Kari said...

Congrats to your hubby!! Do you plan to break your own record next year?

wecanchangetheworld said...

One has to wonder now- is 1725 the limit beyond which a pumpkin cannot grow? :)

Amanda said...

Wow that is weird on the odds. And that is one big pumpkin! I was so excited last year when you won because we got our seeds from you through Laura-Jane at Whimfield. Somehow felt connected to your legacy!

Jill said...

It's really nice that you are so gracious and happy for the guy but that's BS! They shouldn't have readjusted! You still have the record solely if you ask me. :)