Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1810.5 Stevens 2010

Guess it's time to announce it: I'm no longer the world record holder! But hey I had my 1 year and 1 week run and it is time to give up the title to someone who more than deserves it: Chris Stevens.

Chris totally shocked the world (and even himself) when his pumpkin that was estimating in the 1500's went 300 lbs heavy and weighed 1810.5. He weighed it in the patch a few weeks ago so knew he had the record and was kind enough to let Nick know about it a week before the weighoff.

WE WANTED TO GO SOOOOOOOOOO BAD! But I didn't think Blaine could handle 13 hours in the car; he can barely handle 15 minutes at times! (Chris is from Wisconsin but the weighoff was in Minnesota!).

So congrats to Chris and I'm thinking that'll be a tough record to beat!


Lanny said...

Well that's nice for him but you will always be my giant-pumpkin-world-record-holding-guru-cool-new-mom. Wow, that is a lot of pumpkin pie, or baby food! Wonder if it is possible to grow a two-thousand pounder? Any rules against growing under cover?

Jill said...

Bummer! I would prefer for you to be the record holder. But it's nice that you are so gracious about it. :)

Lorena G. Sims said...

Wow, that's a giant pumpkin. Well, you have a score to bit next year and can't wait to see your 2000 lbs. humongous, ginormous pumpkin. Nothing is impossible, right?