Monday, October 11, 2010

They call me "Mr. Sideways"

Yep Blaine gets put to bed lengthwise normally and by time he wakes up to eat, we find him rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. LOL!!! Hilarious.


Kari said...

Liam does the same thing. It's hilarious!! Everytime I wake up I find him pointing a different direction. These wiggly little July guys really keep us on our toes!! :)

Lanny said...

And that's why they should be in their own beds (a rule I never followed), they do that sideways thing forever! Well I would have to ask their husbands I suppose to say forever, forever, but it sure seems like it! Okay, for at least until they can fit, that'd be about four. I have the permanently bruised ribs to prove it!

KTism said...

That is too funny! I found Sophie sideways in bed just the other morning and I thought it was hilarious!