Monday, October 18, 2010

3 Months Old

Well here we are on October 18, 2010.

I think the 3 month post is probably the coolest one to think about. Because in reality, Blaine is 1 year old. One year ago today, we were right in the thick of it trying to get pregnant. CRAZY to think it has been a year already that the little guy has been "with us". We enjoyed him inside my belly, watching him stretch, kick, hiccip, and get startled, but now that he is on the outside it is that much sweeter. Hard to remember life without him!

Yesterday we had his baptism at church. We had it on a "bell choir Sunday" since I've been in bells since 3rd grade and it is a big part of my life. My grandma is the director of the bell choir and the organist at the church. She's been the organist there since she was 16 years old! My grandpa realized that Blaine makes 4 generations to be baptized at the same church! Crazy! Maybe there will be 5 someday (?).

Blaine, his mom, his grandma and his great-grandpa!! 4 generations at GUMC!

Family minus a great-great aunt and great-great uncle who didn't want to be in the pic. LOL. 2 great-grandmas, 1 great-grandpa, 2 grandmas, and 1 grandpa!


Amanda said...

haha I played hand bells for a while too.

Good looking man you got there!

Abby said...

What beautiful family photos you have! Happy Baptism and 3 Months, Mr. Blaine!

Lanny said...

What a nice photo, how great is that to be in church with your family! He is a blessed boy for sure!