Friday, October 29, 2010

This and That....

Just random memories from the past week:

1) Jumparoos should come with warning labels: WARNING - POOP EXPLOSION INEVITABLE WITH USE. { As much as I try to get Blaine in that thing AFTER a poop, it is a guaranteed poop up the back when he's in it. Three days in a row now! }

2) I survived week 1 of Nick being in California!

3) Blaine has had two 8+ hours between feedings at night!

4) Blaine has been sleeping 13 hours a night, averaging 3 wake ups in that period. YAY!

5) When mommy is well rested, she becomes an insomniac (see #3 and #4)

6) Naps are still my biggest struggle as a parent. HOW DO YOU GET YOUR BABIES TO GO TO SLEEP FOR NAPS??? (major advice needed and welcome!! I've been caving and been nursing him to sleep or driving him in the car on an errand around naptime after nothing else works).

7) When mommy is an insomniac she finds herself worrying about how the heck she will ever go back to work even though that is 2 years away from now! EEK!

8) Thanks to magazine coupons, I've ordered diapers from twice now for only 13 cents a diaper (with free shipping!). SCORE!

9) After being an absolute tummytime expert early in life, Blaine realizes now that he hates tummytime and would rather just standup constantly (with help of course). Mommy is of course worried about him stunting his development when it comes to rolling / crawling. Gah.


Jill said...

Love your random stuff! But about naps - we were struggling for a while too. I started to be very careful to read her early sleepy cues. Then I rock her for just a couple of minutes and put her in her crib asleep or awake. If she cries it is never for more than three minutes. Now she naps like a champ. I think she used to get too tired and then it is even harder to get her to sleep. No guarantees it will work for everyone though!

basebell6 said...

Good advice! How long of awake time until she gets the sleep cues? His longest is 1 hr 20 min until he starts acting tired but then sleep just won't seem to come when it needs to. And when I stick him in his bed he WAILS (like bright red, barely can breath he is crying so hard he chokes himself) so I feel so bad I rescue him before 10 minutes go by.

Peggy said...

We made a mistake with Ian, because we had to watch his blood pressure after he had his transplant, we always lay down with him until he was asleep and now we can't seem to make ourselves let him cry it out. With Heather I did the same as Jill, rocked her for about 5 min then put her in the crib and she either played or went to sleep. She was always happy no matter where she was though. Her pediatrician told me to always put her down before she went to sleep and that seemed to work. With Troy I rocked him to sleep and that didn't work long so naps were given up very early.

Janelle said...

Both of my boys would only nap when put down on their tummy. Not the advice that the American Academy of Pediatrics would give, but it was what worked (and is still working) for us. Book, cuddle, tummy. sounds like Blaine isn't a tummy guy. Sorry I'm not more helpful!

Diana said...

Hi there, this is Diana, Kalie's friend. I saw a link to your blog when you commented on hers and started reading your blog too :) It's been fun to read because we have a 2 year old girl, but we're expecting a boy in March.

Anyways, on the the nap thing, our daughter totally had similar problems. If you're willing to try "cry it out", Ferber's Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems was extremely helpful to me, and not nearly as "cruel" as people made it seem. It was hard for me at first to hear her cry, but now I'm so glad I did it! She's an excellent napper now! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

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