Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Naptime Struggles

Naptime continues to be a struggle for us. Putting him in his crib while drowsy but still awake might work at night but during the day....NADA. Today I caved and nursed him to sleep in my bed where he continues to sleep right now. Somedays I have to carry him around in the ergo for an hour until he falls asleep and then I just have to sit on the couch with him sleeping on me. The car, stroller, and swing used to work to get him to sleep but he's outgrown that I think.


At least nights are going good still. :)

Yesterday's nap:

Where he is right now: Because potty pics are my fav:


Jill said...

Oh my gosh, I think he's cuter than ever!

We have the exact same problem. I think I am resistant to doing the "cry it out" thing during the day even though I would totally do it if she wasn't sleeping at night. I guess I feel like the not sleeping well during the day isn't as bad because it doesn't affect our sleep. But it is bad for her. Sigh, after our trip this weekend I plan to try harder. Good luck to you guys!

Kari said...

Yeah. Naptime. Doesn't go so well here either. He sleeps when and where he wants to sleep. I always pay for it later when he's overtired. Good luck!!

Kate said...

I wish I had the grand solution for you, but some things that have done wonders for us are not having the boys in our room and using a voice-activated monitor (that way you don't hear the grunts while they settle in, but you do hear them crying). We aren't letting them cry it out, but we do wait until they ramp up to a pretty good cry before we head to their room. We caved and are using pacifiers, which helped a TON (sometimes they just want a little bit of soothing from the sucking, which they'd have to get from a nipple otherwise).

I also realize we have good babies and that they've had to learn patience simply because there are two... So, really, I'm not sure if I've helped you or not. Bugger.

Amanda said...

How does the Ergo carrier work for you? I had someone recommend it to me recently so I was wondering if you had an opinion on it?

basebell6 said...

I like the ergo (got it based on recommendations from other bloggers) but always would definitely have a carrier where the kid faces out also. I have a cheapy snuggli ($19 but I'm borrowing a friend's) for that. I know it's not as good on the kid's joints, blah blah, as the ergo, but come on the kid likes to look out at the world when awake!