Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Growing the Big One

Hallmark made a movie about a city girl growing a giant pumpkin to save her family farm.

CHEESY and fake, yes, but I LOVED IT!

I highly recommend this movie! It has some hilarious parts to it that were even funnier because they were true (about quirky things giant pumpkin growers do).

I think they are replaying it a lot this week so set your DVR or VCR (depending which decade you are living in; I live in the VCR age still haha).
PS as a world record breaker myself, I can say that you will not win $50,000 for the winning Hollywood :)


Flat Creek Farm said...

Do you know, as hubby and I watched that movie over the weekend, I thought about this blogger that I follow... who is a world record holder! :) It was a very cute movie, and yes, totally Hallmark (cheesy) but I enjoy that type of thing in my advanced years... lol. -Tammy p.s. your header pic is just too cute!

Janelle said...

Bummer...about the $50,000, that is. We don't have cable (or an no TV period) but I'll add it to netflix - a cheesy Hallmark movie is always a good time!

Courtney said...

how neat! I'm sure you were super excited to see something you love and that is unique on the big screen!