Tuesday, June 29, 2010

38 Weeks: DUE DATES?

38 Weeks! Nick was born 21 days early and I was born 10 days early. We are definitely in between these two numbers right now, so anytime, Wilbur!!


Which brings me to my next topic: due dates. I was talking with older women at my church and they asked me my due date. I told them July 13th and mentioned something about wanting Wilbur to come early. They said, "Oh well, with technology these days, due dates are just so much more accurate than in our days so he probably won't be too early".

No no no no no nooooooooo; I had to explain that I pretty much went in and told the nurse that my last period started on October 6th and boom they calculated my due date. There was no technology involved!! I have an "old fashioned" due date just like all of them had back in the day.

Then I thought about the other girls from my high school also due July 13th; they both are having babies that were unplanned and one didn't even know she was pregnant until December. I'm thinking maybe their due date might be one of those "fancy technology" due dates?

So I had a question for pregnant women out there: Was your due date made with any sort of ultra-sound or "technology" or was it an "old fashioned due date"?


Theresa E. said...

When Danielle got her due date for Alanna, they just measured the baby with a measuring tape and weighed danielle for a weight difference pre-pregnancy. They used that with the date of her last period I think to determine her due date.
SHE ended up in labor for two weeks because her due date hadn't come yet. She went into labor but wasn't dilating because the baby was too big for Danielle's body size to come out on her own. They didn't do the ultrasound to check on why the baby wasn't coming out until the due date...what a mess!

basebell6 said...

LOL wow Theresa! That counts as a pregnancy horror story in my book!!

Lanny said...

All four of my girls' ultrasounds and the measurements of my belly matched LMPs (I actually knew the exact date I conceived my first and my fourth.) And all four were late, the first by a week (I was in labor for that whole week - 5min. apart for a week!) the second was two weeks late and I was in labor a week and a half of the two weeks. The last two were only a few days late but that was because once I started labor the doc hurried it along.

I was pretty sure it had to do with my being a procrastinator. My daughters were taking after me even before they were born!

All that to say that due dates are always an approximation even if you know exactly when you conceived, some women carry longer than others, some times it has to do with circumstances, but like Dirt says, "no body is pregnant forever". He likes to live dangerously.

Anonymous said...

With Ian, I couldn't remember the date I had last started but I knew the date I was supposed to start again, May 15 so I counted 28 days back from that and then went 40 weeks from then. One doc told me very firmly that that wasn't how you did it! All of them had some little cardboard circle they used to figure out when my due date should be.

Janelle said...

Both of mine we estimated by date of my last period, and then verified at the 20-week ultrasound - and ended up within a few days of each other. Austin was 3 weeks early...and I was SO convinced he would be late! So who knows...Enjoy the waiting, he'll be here before you know it!