Monday, June 28, 2010

Names Names Names!

Before I was even pregnant I predicted that one of the hardest parts about the whole ordeal would be picking a name. Yep. One problem is obvious: I am a teacher and don't want any name that I have a bad memory associated with, but more importantly, a name that is not super popular. When we told my mom our name choice, she said she didn't like it. But her only boy name she likes is Andrew (I would've been Andrew and so would have my sis if we were born boys). Well I had FOUR Andrews in my 3rd period Geometry class alone this year. I had to call one Drew, one Andrew, one Sparky, and one Salt. BLECH! LOL.

Another major problem is that Nick hated every single name on my "top choices" list. Thank goodness we got like 5 baby name books from the library and through pouring over the pages, I found a name I hadn't thought of since the 2004 Olympics! I LOVED THAT NAME and Nick actually agreed with it.

So yeah, so we don't have to hear "I don't like it" or "pick something else" or "IS THAT EVEN A NAME?!!", we've kept it a secret from some (like my grandparents), and told others (people who won't try to sway us). I'd say we are 95 % sure we are sticking with our choice.

Now, if Wilbur would just come out, we could announce his name to the world :).


Casey said...

Picking a name was SO hard for us, too! We brought out list to the hospital and crossed names off that he didn't look like until we only had 1 name left. Good thing we both love the name Eli!!

Can't wait for your little one to arrive!

Kate said...

We're having a tough time w/ the names as well - we're avoiding family names so no one gets hurt feelings. Between that and avoiding the ones that either of us dislike, the list is pretty small!

We've kept our general ideas a secret from everyone - we just tell them we don't have anything picked out yet.

By the way, love the magnet!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I had the same criteria when naming Ian. I wanted something not too popular, there were 6 Heather's in one of my classes once! I didn't want it to be so unusual nobody knew what it was and it couldn't be easy to make fun of or rhyme with anything. I thought I had it with Ian only to discover nobody can spell it and everybody thinks its pronounced I-in instead of E-in

Erika Jean said...

My friend had a hard time too. She went with Truett for her little boy.

So is the name one of the names on your list?

basebell6 said...

Casey, I love the name Eli! So happy he's here and can't wait for Wilbur to come too!

Heather, I've had a couple Ians in class and if people don't know how to spell or pronounce Ian, then they are just hopeless. LOL. You did good picking his name!

Erika, yep, it is!!

Kate, I was thinking you would ;)

Stefanie Blakely said...

Can't wait to hear the little one's name!! I haven't stopped by in a while & wanted to tell you that you are looking fabulous!

Janelle said...

Names are tough! Especially boy names. I have a bunch I love for a girl, but we struggled to name Wesley. (although, if it wasn't my husband's name and we weren't opposed to a "Jr." I would have totally gone with "Lyndon" - just sayin! as if you need another option...)

Lanny said...

Oh you must be naming him Arvydas as in Arvydas Macijauskas I think it is a great name too!

I was the youngest of six and went a whole week after I was born without a name because my siblings didn't like any name my folks came up with. The only trouble I had naming my girls was the oldest, my dad was the one with the constant objections.

George said...

Nick Jr., that's what I would have picked. No hurt feelings as everyone understands wanting to name a kid after his dad, and it's practical, no memorization of a new name and you are efficient by recycling the name (and the vowels and consonants!)
Or Nick-Bob...