Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Storms and 18 Weeks!

This week we had 2 snowstorms but only 1 snowday off school (snow likes to hit on weekends in Ohio). Really pretty pictures along with fun times snowmobiling and cross country skiing.
We went to do our first speaking engagement, where-else, but near Circleville, home of the oldest pumpkin weighoff in the nation. They even have a pumpkin watertower there! It was good practice for The International Pumpkin Growers Seminar where we have to talk for an hour!

My pregnancy is now at 18 weeks and now more than ever, EVERYTHING is making me really mad. Now I know why pregnant women are need to worry so much about high blood-pressure. School things don't really get to me, it's just the little things. Yesterday it was my garage door, my electric bill, my gas bill (our house is normally in the 50's with our basement in the 40's and our bill is still over $200??!!!!!!), pumpkin seed requests, you name it, I was fired up. I tried to tell myself not to let stuff bother me, but my brain wouldn't listen! And it won't calm down easily! I cannot ration with my anger even if I try to. LOL. Hopefully this will be short lived and maybe I'm just having a bad week.
Mountains in the flattest part of the state:
Nick's snow cave. It took a LOT of convincing to finally get him to agree NOT to sleep in there this week.


They had weird icy snow down south:

Looking off our deck:

Buried under 13 inches of snow!


Theresa E. said...

Good to know you've been angry a lot. I'll stay away ;) haha. Fun pictures of the snow! I like it!

Erika Jean said...

Love the snow pictures! Hopefully they snow day let you de-stress a little ;-)

Lanny said...

Okay, Circleville water tower, how cool is that!

Diggin' (take the pun if you like) Nick's snow cave!

Thirteen inches of snow! Snow heaven that is what that is!

The mood, oh dear, still doin' it occasionally, it must go with motherhood not just pregnancy.

Dealin' with it myself this very week,(we call it the "mean reds" when it really has nothing to do with anything in particular) and it is indeed very hard to bring it under control. Sometimes, even extrovert me, has to take some people time off, take back to back hot baths, put down the paper work, put blinders on, listen to classical music or something Nora Jonesy, or maybe go sleep in an ice cave a couple of nights!

By the way the picture of Mt. Rainier was taken about five miles from here but we have similar views from different spots on the larger farm. And we love seeing it when ever our eyes land upon it!

Jenea said...

What a wonderful world...