Thursday, February 4, 2010


I never intended for this to become BIRDS OF PREY week on my blog but hey, what happens happens!

Ok well the hawk was cooler but this was cool too. We went skating on Monday and Tuesday evenings @ a lake near here and the ice was awesomely smooth. Nick isn't very good at skating so I just have to post this video for laughs (notice the goggles and survival suit).

Well after the 2nd time skating out to the island, I saw Nick staring over to the side and I said, "You're totally gonna fall! Watch where you are going! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!!!" Yep there had been 2 bald eagles there the whole time! He figures they were probably there on Monday too. Totally awesome. I nor my family had ever seen them in Ohio before! I'll have to look up what omens birds of prey have. Or not. I might get scared.


Peggy said...

watching that video made my knees shake. There is no way anyone could drag me onto that ice. It was too dark and scary. You guys need to stay safe.

Nick said...

haha dont worry peg! nick is pretty much an ice-expert. he could teach a course! he has all the survival tools and even a $200 survial suit like the fisherman wear. you mentioned it looked dark; the blacker it looks, the safer it is (lots stronger). he had already walked out, drilled holes, and measured the thickness the whole way out to the island before he even called me. 2 inches can hold me safely and it was between 4 and 5 inches last week! i'm scared of lots of things in life but ice isn't one of them! I guess it came from growing up around it (I was on skates on my grandma's pond as soon as I could walk!).

basebell6 said...

opps that was me, nick's gmail was still signed in :)


Lanny said...

Oh man, if I wasn't having such a good time with our current weather pattern and getting a huge jump on the garden I would wish for more ice! That looks like way to much fun! Nick skates better than Dirt. Obviously we didn't marry our fellas for their triple lutz or salchows eh? Dirt has actually "retired" from pond skating, claiming his hands are too valuable. We have been spotting the returning bald eagles this week too, but we know what the omen is for us, lambing season. They like to eat our little lambs and they know when we lamb and when we have young ducks. Have fun on the ice!

Jenea said...

You are very lucky on this week, so much beautiful eagles! I like so much to skate on lake with my dad too! We play in hockey there with dad's friends! ;)