Thursday, February 25, 2010


1) Was this pregnancy planned? My first visit to the doctor, I was asked this question at least 5 times! HECK YES IT WAS PLANNED! In fact when the first home pregnancy test turned up negative I almost cried. I'm so much of a planner, I wanted that baby born in the summer OR ELSE. I realize life doesn't always turn out as planned and not everyone is that lucky; I was ready to accept anything. HOWEVER, lesson learned: don't take an expired pregnancy test. A new, non-expired test came out positive two days later. :)

2) Did you think it was going to be a boy? I never would have came right out and admitted that I thought it was a boy; but if I had to tell you my "gut feeling", it was that I was thinking it was a boy. Sure everyone in our family was "thinking" it was a boy; but I know they didn't really THINK that, it is just what they WANTED. In all three of my dreams, it was a boy :).

3) Did you want a boy or girl? Of course I can give the standard answer and say I'd love either. I would. But based on the fact that I totally don't "do girly"; you know, the shopping, the dresses, the pink, the hair appointments, the princesses, etc, I PREFERRED A BOY! The 2nd can be a girl now; I was mainly fearful of all girly girls.

4) What are the worst parts of pregnancy thus far? I have been lucky! Nothing much to complain about. Definitely the worst for me have been the MAJOR BREAKOUTS that happened in the beginning (I had to wear my hair down for 4 monthes in embarassment) and the bigger boobs (try having NONE and then having's downright annoying).

4) Are you still sick? WORSE THAN EVER! Its just a cold but try being on your feet all day and talking ALL DAY when you lost your voice 4 days ago. Torture.

5) Is Governor Strickland really eliminating snowdays from Ohio schools? Yes, and he is evil. Since we won't have snowdays 2 years from now, we need to use all 5 this year. Thank goodess IT IS SNOWING AGAIN! TWO MORE TO USE!!

6) Can you feel the baby yet? Nothing :(


George said...

1) We knew that, you're a planner!
2) I knew that!!!
3) Peg knew that!!
4) Heh heh!
4) A math teacher with two #4's???
5) Evil Ted, I agree
6) You will, and I'm guessing it will be quite a thrill...kind of like swallowing a frog...
7) Did I tell you Peg and I are soooo happy for you guys?

Anonymous said...

how do you eliminate snow days in a state like ohio?
woohoo now Ian will have a friend to play with who really doesn't live that far away!