Tuesday, February 16, 2010

19 weeks

Well today is 19 weeks! AND ITS A SNOWDAY! Definitely a day to celebrate. Everyone knows what that means...1 WEEK FROM TODAY WE FIND OUT BOY / GIRL! Yay :)

Still not much different in the picture department:

Sorry the pic is blurry; the bathroom fogged up the camera lense.

In other news, I'm totally a tweener; 90 % of my normal pants won't fit (don't get me started on that Bella Band thing everyone raves about b/c I couldn't stand the squeezing feeling) but maternity pants are still huge. Elastic waisted skirts are my best friends for school clothes!


Down On The Farm said...

You are doing GREAT! By the time I was 19 weeks pregnant, I had gained 30 pounds. I am not joking. Glad to know all is well and I can't WAIT to hear if its a boy or girl!

George said...

You'll be fine, just keep the little guy warm - don't go outside with your belly hangin' out, that's reserved for us old folks!
Has he started to kick you?

Theresa E. said...

Can't wait to find out boy/girl!! I still have to bring all that stuff out to Kent from home, but I'm planning a trip before the event so I'll have it for you there :D
And how about Alanna isn't fitting her 12mo. stuff anymore lol. She's too tall to fit. Haha.

Breanne said...

You look great! How exciting that you'll find out the sex in a week! :-) It's such an exciting experience.

Do you have a feeling one way or the other? I did, and I turned out to be right!

Peggy said...

We will be keeping our fingers crossed that the baby won't have their legs crossed too and you can actually see which it is. Let us know as soon as you find out please!

basebell6 said...

Can't feel any kicking yet :(.

No "gut feeling"; but I've had a few dreams! And the baby is always a ______. :)

And Peg, I've heard of that happening!! It happened to my friend's friend. Boo!

Casey said...

Hey there! Check out Target for maternity clothes... they have actual sizes (like 2, 4, 6 rather than small, medium). Maternity pants at all other stores are too big for me, but Target fits great. And, since your belly is probably too small for the actual maternity top-part of the pants, try rolling that part down. I end up rolling it down most of the time anyways cause they get kind of itchy.

basebell6 said...

casey, thanks for the target tip! i had to laugh!! see, i have 9 bags full of maternity clothes (FREE) and i'm totally shop-a-phobic. i self diagnosed myself with shopping anxiety so i'm going to skirt it out until those clothes fit. they've been waiting in my closet for 3 years for me to get big enough to fit into them. LOL.