Monday, May 31, 2010

Chainsaw on a Stick

Memorial Day weekend was super fun; we went to 3 State Parks and still got TONS of garden work done. Thank goodness the rain came because watering in all the pumpkin we planted would have taken torturous ammounts of time.
Nick is officially obsessed with chainsaws (it was only semiofficial before). I can only imagine what strange boy things Wilbur will become obsessed with over the years.
In pregnancy / geocaching news, I needed some "thin / old pants" to ward off the thorns and poison ivy on the trails but still not cause heat stroke. 50 cents later, I've got some blue scrub pants (hey I love drawstrings!). Totally looking geeky / unfashionable but hey there's only a month left to go, right?

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Janelle said...

In our family, the "chainsaw on a stick" is known fondly as the "Roger Rabbit." Remember the scene in the movie where the crazy toon guy turns his arm into a chainsaw? Yep, named a chainsaw after that.