Sunday, May 9, 2010

Under Wraps: Garden / Patch Update

Right now we have approximately 5,000 sq feet under plastic! Can you believe it!? Nick is in one of these pics for a size reference but you really cannot imagine how big of area that is without seeing it (it impresses me beyond belief).


Well, because Nick is crazy #1. But there are other better reasons: to keep the soil dry, warm the soil up, help seeds to sprout that aren't intended to be planted until June (sweet corn), and keep out the frost (freeze watch and frost warning for tonight!).
Updates on what we've got up and growing: peas peas and more peas, broccoli, potatoes, sweet corn, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach. Pumpkins are still in the greenhouse at home but half of them most likely will go in tomorrow (and off will come the plastic).

Nick's first attempt at grafting onto apple trees! 5 for 5 !!
Better get some of this stuff out soon; I'm outta room!


Janelle said...

I'm so impressed - you have so much happening already and the only thing growing in my garden at the moment (besides weeds) is the "volunteer" onions that I missed last year. At least they look good! I need to get my other veggies in, but I'm worried about frost...

haya said...

this is so cool!! awesome garden. i am going to be putting in my veggies/herbs soon. peas are my favourite - wish i had the space for them. i usually just do cherry tomatoes and bell peppers.

my grandfather used to do a lot of grafting fruit trees back when he was alive. it's so interesting - i wish i had the chance to spend more time with him learning.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh - 5,000 square feet is a huge space! How are you going to keep that weed-free all summer long with a new baby??

I wish we had good enough water for a decent garden, but alas... Here's to a great crop for you this fall!

basebell6 said...

Kate, I declared last October that I'm taking the year 2010 off from any type of gardening. I'm the tag-a-long slave laborer / photographer for this season; it is 100% not my project!

And 5000 sq foot is only the part under plastic; there is much much more (yes he's crazy).