Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mt. Rogers and Wild Ponies (!!)

Last year Nick climbed the highest point in Virginia, Mount Rogers. I don't remember if it was a place I found for him on a map or if he found it himself (he's always looking for hikes while on business trips to break up the long drives); but he went and told me IT WAS AMAZING! He told me stories of wild ponies and great views and of course when I asked to see the pictures, he told me that HE DIDN'T TAKE THE CAMERA. gah. I instantly put it on my "must go there as soon as possible" list.

Little did I know he'd go there a 2nd time before I'd get there for my 1st visit! This time he took pictures so I could drool over them and vow to take Wilbur as soon as he's old enough to travel 6 hours in a car! :)


Kate said...

It looks amazing - I'm sorry you haven't been able to go yet... What a wonderful 'Wilbur's first hike' to look forward to though!

Jenea said...

This landscapes looks so beautiful! When I look on this photos, i remembered one great cartoon- "Spirit"! :)

Lanny said...

Drive at night! Dirt and I would travel to see my brothers (6+ hrs) when my first was a baby. We went at night when baby usually slept anyway. Yah it sorta messes with a person's sleep cycle but messing with my sleep cycle was always easier to do than to drive a baby crazy.