Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CITO and the blimp

We went to a CITO for the first time this past Sunday (Cache In Trash Out) where you pick up trash. I thought that would be it; eat hotdogs, pickup trash and find like 4 caches. Turned out they hid 38 CACHES FOR THAT EVENT ALONE! So I officially broke 1000 and didn't even know it (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) until I got home. I am pretty excited. It was a hot hot hot weekend and I was so tired from puting in our lawn (where the sewer went in) Saturday and then from being out all day Sunday too.
Now I'm home teaching and Nick and my mom and dad are all out of state. Must be nice!!

Oh yeah AND WE SAW THE BLIMP over lake erie!!!! I about died. I love the blimp. Serious love.


Theresa E. said...

The blimp was flying over Kent State not too long ago. I saw it on my way to class and when I thought to take a picture, it was a little late haha!

Laura-Jane said...

Hehee. You love the blimp. You are cute.

George said...

Yes, I recall that moment when you spotted the blimp.. I was driving when there was a shriek from the back seat "OMG, OMG! it's the blimp!!!" As I deftly got back on the road, I advised against future outbursts with no warning as being hazardous to everyone's health!! :)

Caitlin said...

As soon as I saw the blimp photo, I laughed out loud, knowing what was coming: your declaration of blimp love. Some things never change. :)