Friday, April 3, 2009


The hardest part of every season for us is picking our seed lineup. Lately there's just too many good choices!! This is what I think it will be:

998 Pukos
1028 Sherwood
1062 Stelts
1689 Jutras
1385 Jutras
985 Werner

These genetics are the best of the best and every single seed on the list has grown multiple pumpkins over 1200 lbs.

This season will be sort of nerve-racking because we are on the OVGPG patch tour!! What does that mean? Oh nothing, just hundreds of people coming to see our patch (and silently critiquing everything we do and don't do!). Should be fun!

OVGPG homepage

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Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Your grandma is the pruning queen and you are the pumpkin queen. :)