Friday, May 1, 2009

Nick VS Mother Goose

This cache was "in a swamp" so we decided before even arriving that even though we all had spare footwear, that it would be silly for us all to get wet. We'd sacrifice Nick!! Turned out the swamp was dry, but we had a different challenge to face: a goose on her nest! Nick was still the one we sent to battle. LOL.


Theresa E. said...

He's very lucky that goose didn't choose to attack. That would not have turned out good...for Nick. haha.

Laura-Jane said...

Cute! I love how you both start laughing together at the end. Movies are good!! More!!

GeoPeg said...

I don't often pray for much, but two prayers that went unanswered were for the hand pump to start gushing water on Arbygee's face and for the Goose to actually take on Nick!!! :) Aww, I didn't want him hurt, maybe just a bit wet! :):)